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        The development path of terminal
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        Terminal development of terminals


        Productivity is what companies are pursuing, and efficient production reduces costs, increases the competitiveness of enterprises, and increases the ability of enterprises to expand market. Productivity is also an important indicator of a business. And fast-growing companies need more efficient production to drive business. The production efficiency of high and low also can begin from the basis of the enterprise gradually improve the system of management and production equipment and a variety of production technology and then achieve the purpose of increasing production, study and development of new production technology is the development road.

        As one of the pillar industries in zhejiang, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the production efficiency of terminal. In town, even the whole hundreds of terminal enterprise yueqing region is still in the use of traditional mode of labor intensive industry, and this model not only restrict the development of the enterprise, but also restricted the economic development. To improve the production efficiency to drive economic development must realize the transformation of the industry, and the process will need to fully improve the production efficiency of enterprises, optimize the industrial structure.

        The terminals mainly consist of three parts, bolts, conductors and shell parts. Screw basically achieved automation production, so has almost nothing to improve space, and conductor part adopts high speed punch is one-time stamping forming, and almost nothing to improve space, while the shell is produced by injection molding machine, and in the current domestic production mode, the machine production is still there is room to improve. Due to the domestic mold hot runner technology use is not widespread, leading to excess waste during the production, the efficiency is not high, at the same time, injection molding machine needs more than 1 injection teacher management, and in other industries have been controlled by mechanical arm, and terminal production industry still use manual sorting.

        And most improve space is terminal assembly program, the more than eighty percent of the enterprises in the market at present is still using artificial assembly, and manual assembly production efficiency is very low, and because the think that the relationship between operation, product quality problems caused by error is a major factor restricting the production efficiency, so the popularity of automation equipment is the most effective way to solve low efficiency of production. Automation equipment can minimize errors, and it can achieve production and testing integration, ensuring productivity and quality. However, due to the earlier investment, there are not many enterprises that are truly automating in the whole zhejiang area.

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